Teacher Mini-Grant Program

 Teacher Mini Grant Cycle 33

Award List September 2022


The Teacher Mini-Grant Program supports the implementation of lessons that meet the LCAP Plan Goals and Objectives of the Ceres Unified School District.

The Teacher Mini-Grant Program is available to all pre-school, elementary, middle, high school and adult education teachers of the Ceres Unified School District.

The CUSD Foundation will grant awards of $500 each to individual applicants or $800 for group applicants (2 or more teachers) submitting mini-grant proposals that best address the purpose of the Foundation.

An applicant may request materials or actual dollar funding to address the proposed need. For example, a science teacher may request science equipment that could be purchased. Such equipment could also come from a donation from a local business that has the requested item.

Special Note: Items not funded by the Teacher Mini-Grant include: food, computers, fax machines or other technology related equipment.

Teacher Mini-Grant Awarded Projects

Selection Criteria:

Foundation Board members will review each application based on the following criteria.

  • Completeness of application form.
  • Evidence of linkage to at least one (1) CUSD LCAP Plan Goal/Objective.
  • Evidence of school site principal approval.
  • Evidence of logical and reasonable budget expenses.

Application Instructions:

  • Complete the Teacher Mini Grant Application through a Google Link.  

Project End Report Instructions

A Project End Report is required for all grant recipients. The report is due by the end of the school year within which the grant was awarded. For example: grant was awarded September 2022, report is due May 31, 2023.

All Project End Reports must be electronically submitted to Amy Peterman via email at [email protected] with a copy provided to Julie Lynn Martin-Borba at jumartin[email protected]. To download the Project End Report, click here.

Click here to download the Project End Report Instructions.