High school student in pink sweater interviews little girl next to "I'm Kinder Ready" sign
Language Leaders Celebration
Graduating seniors in caps and gownswith elementary students
Certificated Employees of the Year on blue background with turquoise sparks
Green ribbon on blue background
Little girl dancing in blue dress
Little girl in pink top, seated in library
Join Our Team graphic of little girl holding "Come work with me" sign
Teacher and two students in red aprons, blue gloves, "cheers" with pot stickers
Denise Wickahm, Kim Johnson-Dean and Lourdes Perez
Two students in audience at town hall meeting
Elizabeth Thomas, Kevin Biglieri, and Kimberly Johnson-Dean are all smiles holding their Employees Making a Difference certificates
Photo of cell phone with CUSD app
Little girl holds sign that reads, "Come work with me"
Four Trustees raise right hands and repeat Oath of Office read by Superintendent
Honoree Pete Kirchhoff with Ken Sylvia at fundraiser
Room full of people attending town hall meeting on suicide prevention
Paraprofessional working with student
Photo of young child in school library